All About is the brainchild of Graeme Bull (the guru of course) and was conceived due to the sheer quantity of Flash Media Server information he has published to various resources on the net. There are of course a few other sites that have lots of information about FMS and we are happy to (and often have) contribute to these valuable resources. Check out our links page for some of those and if you have a site that you'd like us to take a look at, then please let us know on the contact page or in the forum.

Please peruse the site, we have a bunch of video tutorials, articles and a forum to ask questions on if you happen to have any. There is a great deal of information and lots more to come. If you have a request for a specific topic you would like to see covered, please ask about it on the forum. We've got a section specifically for requests for information as we're always looking to provide information that people actually want instead of making educated guesses. Keep in mind though that if the question is too advanced then we might have to recommend you look into getting some consulting work done.

We also have a selection of products to check out. These are great to get up and running right out of the box and we provide full support to make sure your purchase and implementation go as smoothly as possible. Check out our products on our product page. Support and FAQ is located on the support page along with the product download page that you will have access to if you have purchased something from us. We look forward to getting you on your way quickly with a new Flash Media Server based application. It's not just that either, these products all have source code that you can learn from! Keep a sharp eye out for more products that come with a tutorial series that you can follow along with when developing and going over the code in the application.

More about Graeme...

Based in Tokyo, Japan for two years and now Vancouver, Canada, Graeme Bull has been working with professionally built Flash and Flash Media Server based applications for over 7 years. Graeme Bull is currently the lead RIA developer, project manager and a co-founder of Solid Thinking Interactive (, a Canada and Japan based web and multimedia studio specializing in Flash based solutions. We live and breath Rich Internet Applications.

Graeme started his professional career working at the Tokyo headquarters of one of the world's largest multinational banks, honing his skills creating multilingual applications, while also serving as a team leader and project manager. For the past six years, Graeme has been working fulltime developing both large and small scale internet and intranet applications using Flash, coupled with remoting, XML, ASP, Coldfusion, Flex and Flash Media Server, as his primary development and delivery platform.

Active in the Flash and Flash Media Server community, Graeme serves as a moderator for multiple Flash related forums, is a comanager of the Adobe Flash Media Server user group and is the founder and owner of Japan's largest tutorial and resource site for web designers, He also maintains a regularly updated blog documenting his latest projects, experiments, research and thoughts which is located at

Graeme can be contacted directly from the contact page or by telephone at 604-315-1517 (PST - Vancouver, Canada).

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